Crisis Services

Urgent Access / Educational Success

Urgent Access is voluntary program to achieve the goal of preventing placement of children into a higher level of care. This specialized program was created between the Erie County Department of Mental health and Erie County Department of Social Services to provide short-term intervention (30 to 60 days on average) to provide special supports to the family and access to a Family Help Center Care Coordinator 24 hours day. Services are primarily home-based, family driven and strength focused.

Educational Success specializes in services to children with excessive school absences with Family Court involvement for possible Educational Neglect. It is the intent of this program to break through to success in the youth’s educational experience, offering a positive, proactive, intensive service for youth and their parents. Length of services are from 6 to 9 months.

90% of 400 youth with severe behavioral health issues avoided emergency room visits, hospitalization and residential treatment through community care coordination services in these programs.

Phone Follow-Up Services

When the caller leaves his/her phone number, one of our social workers calls him/her back, usually within 24 hours, to reassess the presenting problem, reiterate program options, follow-up on a referral, or to encourage a home visit to anyone who may have declined one during the initial call.

Intensive Home-Based Services (IHBS)

Intensive services are provided to families identified by Erie County Department of Social Services as being in severe crisis and at immediate risk of out-of-home placement of their children. Families are usually experiencing multiple problems related to child safety and well being.

Our Intensive program provides each family with “whatever it takes” services to restore the healthy functioning of the whole family. Based on the nationally recognized Home Builders Model, our Case Workers maintain small caseloads to ensure that each family receives up to 15 hours of direct intervention weekly, accommodating the availability of the family. Case Workers engage with families within two to four hours of referral and are provided 24/7 crisis response to ensure immediate access to support.

Preventive Services

Preventive services are provided to families identified by Erie County Department of Social Services as families who are in crisis and at risk of out-of-home placement of their children.

Our Preventive program is family-centered, and provides clinical, supportive services with a variety of therapeutic activities to strengthen and preserve the family unit and address the health, well being and safety of families and their children. Linkages to community resources also ensure seamless integration of care for the whole family. Families receive two to four hours of home-based intervention and services bi-weekly for 6 to 12 months. Services are flexible to meet the needs of the family, with 24/7 crisis support through our Family Helpline.

Serving over 300 families a year, Preventive services has a 98% success rate for keeping children and families united.