Annual Holiday Program and Giving Tree 2020

The Giving Tree to benefit the families served by the Family Help Center is a long standing tradition within the Eastern Hills Mall. 

Due to COVID, you will not see the many faces of our friendly and welcoming volunteers who explain what our programs are, what we do within the community or how your donations help.

You may still take a tag from the tree and shop, shop, shop.  If you have any questions about the program, please call the number below and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

We have tried to be proactive and created an Amazon wish list to allow donors to see what other children in our programs have asked for this year. Please feel free to use the following link to shop on Amazon, or use the list to shop from wherever you choose!

Please consider purchasing gift cards for the teenagers in our programs in order to help foster independence and allow them to shop online during a time when many stores are closed. Gift cards from the following stores have been requested:

Visa, Target, Walmart, Game Stop, Play Station, XBox, Nintendo Switch, Google Play, VBucks (for Fortnite), Ulta, Dollar General, Old Navy, Panera, Amazon, Tops, Wegmans, Foot Locker, and Apple

Donations can be dropped off or shipped directly to the Family Help Center at 60 Dingens St. Buffalo NY 14206.

If you are unable to deliver or ship gifts, a touchless pick-up can be arranged by calling Maureen at (716) 822-0919.

Stay Safe and Healthy and we will see you next year!