Childcare & Youth Services

Childcare Center

Children’s Center for Success at the Family Help Center is a full service childcare center licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services that has been operating since 1998. The Children’s Center for Success has come together to create a trauma informed model of care that works effectively with children with challenging behavior utilizing Teacher-Child Interaction Training (TCIT). Our caregivers are highly trained professionals who specialize in a social emotional curriculum that helps every child build self confidence and make lasting friendships.

In the childcare center, we understand the importance of a strong curriculum and educational programming, as well as a team of caregivers that are professional, devoted, and caring. All caregivers are trained in TCIT using approaches that result in quick, positive turnarounds in a child’s behavior. We can support children in a way that provides them with a successful start to school and life.

Services we offer:

  • Care for children 6 weeks to 12 years old
  • Our hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Teacher-Child Interaction Training (TCIT) in partnership with Parent Teacher Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
  • Nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and snack
  • Special events and field trips
  • Before and after school and Summer programs
  • Summer programs
  • Contracted with Erie County to accept Child Care Assistance

Current Programs

Infant Programs (6weeks-10 months)

As a parent in our program, you can expect our loving staff to develop a personalized routine for your child that includes a supportive feeding and napping schedule, one on one time with dedicated staff, and daily lesson plans that support each stage of your child’s development.

Older Infant Program (10 months – 18 months)

Our teachers plan busy days to keep these fast friends learning and moving. We get messy with interesting sensory play, show our moves off while dancing to music, and we use lots of language to promote new words and communication. Expect to read all about the day in our daily ‘go home’ journals that will tell you how your child spent their day.

Toddler Program (18 months – 4 months/24 months-36 months)

Our toddler environment provides a safe and secure place for children to investigate as they become more independent. Our enriching curriculum promotes strong social skills backed by our TCIT program, language development, and potty training when they show signs of interest. You will know all about your toddler’s day through our daily go home sheets.

Preschool Program (3 years – 5 years)

We are ready to support your child’s learning using the skills gained from TCIT and a strong educational program. Children succeed here where they may not have elsewhere. All children will spend their days investigating learning centers, working with teachers in small group settings, and building important learning foundations with circle time, outside time, and back and forth conversations. Each child will have their own individual portfolio that will tell the story of all they learned in our classroom.

School Age Program (5 years-12 years)

Our school agers will enjoy activities including cool science experiments, art activities with a variety of tools, cooperative games that foster friendship skills, and plenty of outside play. We offer help with homework in our teacher led homework club, fun field trips, and community service projects.

Youth Empowerment & Leadership (YEL)

YEL provides team building and leadership training, with the goal of empowering youth to engage other youth. All youth are members of the YEL Youth Advisory Board.

The program develops avenues for youth voice in the community at large. Target population is youth age 13 to 22 living in Erie County. Currently, group meetings are held at two sites with future expansion planned so we can reach youth in all of Erie County.


Closing the Gap is a collaborative project with United Way of Buffalo & Erie County, Buffalo Public Schools and other human service agencies designed to support improved student academic achievement by addressing non-academic social and emotional needs that may challenge the child’s ability to learn. Services include, but are not limited to, crisis intervention, mentoring, support counseling, facilitating peer groups on self esteem, bullying, and social skills. Our Family Workers are housed at each of two Buffalo Public Schools: PS #72 (Lorraine Elementary School) and #93 (Southside Elementary), along with other Closing the Gap service providers.